Leyla’s Ted Talk was a little eye-opening for me. If you are concern about the environment, it more likely you choose the paper bag instead of the plastic bag, but also we do not think about how much of energy, grown, time and environmental impact take to look for this bag to be produced. We often think that if something it is biodegradable it is better, and also good for the environment. But it isn’t. As Leyla mentions “biodegradability, it is material purpose. it is not a definition of environmental benefits”. We also need to think that recycled materials are good but also we need to think about all the energy and steps that a material has to go thru during recycle and how much that also affect the environment. That is what I want to focus on my activity 3, what and how can we replace constructions material in a way that does not affect the environment in the fabrication in a sustainable way.
Reading for fashion and sustainability toches in issues like that too, fashion is something that has an expiring date, it is a trend that comes and passes really fast. It the waste products in apparel it is crazy especially when society has consuming more and more every year.
With all this information I just wish we all just stop producing, don’t we have enough already? We need to educate our society on, how to be sustainable and enforcing laws that protect the environment. Better than that we need to educate ourselves to think more than what we think its better for the environment because of “common sense”.

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