Blog 3

In week three of Wicked Problems we have touched on many different ideas of how to make changes in our world that will affect our future. I feel like the story of stuff video really shows how our future will be affected if we keep living the way that we are.This video helped to tie and show people the environmental ( and some social) issues that we face and how they all tie together. We as a planet have used ⅓ of our natural resources, that means we only have ⅔’s left. On top of this our population is only increasing, meaning we are only going to need more and more resources that we do not have. This population increase also means that we are going to have a greater demand for products which leads to a greater amount of waste that is produced. For you see, as newer products are made the old will be thrown out and never seen again. This cycle is one that has been going on for many years and will continue if we do not step up and try to find a reasonable solution. I feel that this video and this problem really tied into the Fashion and Sustainability reading. This reading stated that there must be balance between many things in order to lessen the amount of waste that we produce in the fashion industry. Fashion is a something that is always changing and new and improved items are always made, so how do we make this sustainable. The idea that this reading stated was designing with humility and instead of only focusing on our opinions also focus on the environment. While this may not be the fashion or aesthetic we are used to it could be the fashion that we see in the future. As people’s taste change so does fashion and so does the plethora of ideas for solutions. One concept that I think would be very interesting to incorporate into fashion is the concept of biophillic design. If we were to base our designs or materials off of things in our environment could it possibly help with the waste we produce? Could we make products more reusable or recyclable if we were to let our environment influence our designs? These questions are just a few that I can think of when it comes to this problem.

In the Ted talks that we watched this week I feel that many things stood out, but one thing that really stood out to me in leyla’s ted talk was the way that we think about eco friendly things. When picking bags at the grocery store I always choose paper because that is what I have always been told is better for the environment, but is it true? The way we look at eco friendly products can take on many different aspects I feel that most people just look at the end use of the product as opposed to what it is taking from our environment to make. I was also included in this part of the population until after this video. However, there is so much more that goes into the process of something being eco friendly and this has made me think more about how things are made and how is affects our environment. The biggest question that I thought about after this ted talk was how do we make products while not harming the environment and not letting them the products themselves harm the environment. This question relates back to the Western values reading that was assigned in class. In this reading it states that we as humans, with the right intelligence, can be harnessed to live peacefully in our environments while not harming it. It is all about balance, which seems to be a very recurring trend when it comes to sustainability. 

This idea of balance also applies to the wicked problem that I have chosen. I am working on a problem of flooding and how the amount of concrete in our world is affecting it. As we build more and more cities the amount of concrete goes up which means trees and greenery are reduced making areas more likely to flood. How do we as designers accommodate to these big cities while also accommodating to our environment? As I am researching this topic more it is hard to see if there is a solution and if there if what is it and how do we implement it. As I keep researching I feel that this class is truly making me think about problems that I would have never thought of before. Overall I feel like this class has really made me open my eyes to the world and the problems we are currently facing and the problems we will face in the future.


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