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Sustainability is maintaining change in a balanced manner. There are three principles to sustainability, which are: dependence on solar energy, biodiversity, and chemical cycling. In today’s world, sustainability has changed by the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising, or considering, the future generations to come. Wicked problems are problems that are more complex than everyday problems. Wicked problems are solvable but they effect everybody. An example of this is our reading about the Easter Islands.

The community on Easter Island were, in lack of a better term, lazy. They had multiple resources to fully live their lives, but they did not use their resources wisely, which is what led to the downfall of the island. Rather than focusing on their crops and using their goods from the island, they spend their time doing spiritual rituals and praising. From reading this, I can truthfully say that I understand that we, the community, need to do better on focusing not just about the present, but the future generations to come. We talked a lot about when we drink a Coke and throw the bottle away when we are done, we do not think about where that bottle ends up. This is a good example of how we are not thinking about trash, recycling, or things to keep the world clean.

The 11th hour is about the environmental struggles our world faces and the downfall that is coming from those environmental problems. Experts show their observations and reasoning as to why our ecosystem will be our downfall. The point of this video shows how much people do not think about the things they are doing. The key environmental issues we are facing are natural causes such as: drought, flooding, heat, fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes. The recurring problems we are facing all come from climate and temperature change. Each year, temperature keeps increasing, causing natural disasters to occur. The community needs to find a better way to handle situations that will help these disasters from occurring.

There is so much more to learn about sustainability, but what I have learned so far is that we, the community, can work together to help make a difference now. We can start working together to focus about future generations and the impact we can make on their lives by doing simple tasks like recycling.

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