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Sustainability is defined as the ability to maintain your resources at a certain level in order to maintain balance. Sustainability is important throughout all aspects of life so that you are able to be in control of your life. Throughout time, the world’s technology has impacted our world in a good and bad way. We now have new technology that helps us live in a faster and better lifestyle, including electric cars. Electric cars save gas and it is better for the environment. A wicked problem is something bigger than an everyday problem that has multiple solutions to the problem, but takes deep thought. A wicked problem consists of many people being affected by it. A wicked problem is different from a tame problem because it cannot be solved quickly. A wicked problem is supposed to take time to solve.

In the story of Easter Island, it is about a community that overdue there maintenance of the resources they had. They continued to fail in using their resources in a responsible way. Also, they wasted a lot of time and spent their time doing rituals instead of trying to come up with ways to use their crops and resources in a better way. At one point in time, Easter Island was at its peak and thrived for many years, but eventually they ran out of everything they needed to survive. The 11th hour touches on how our climate has been constantly changing over the years and how it is affecting us in a bad way. Our temperatures continue to rise and that causes our weather to do things that affect people and how they live. Everyone depends on nature and the way our ecosystem develops over time. If nature continues to change and affect the way we have to adapt to living then what is going to happen?

The Wildest Thing exercise was very eye-opening and helped me realize how bad we treat our ecosystem. It was a very good exercise and helped us point out what we were doing wrong, so that we can improve on our actions to better our ecosystem. Listing out things that we wished our environment did differently and the things that we hated showed that we don’t realize how bad we are affecting our environment.

Overall, what we have learned in class has already helped me realize what I need to do better to improve our environment.

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