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Years ago, I thought that sustainability meant making use of something while protecting it or at least thinking about the future. I was not wrong because that is the case. Sustainability has to do with an environment where people make use of natural resources. When using these resources, for example, the forest, they should take care of the soil as future generations can be affected by the activities being carried out today. For instance, it is easy to cut the trees without planting others which expose the soil to the agents of soil erosion. Also, the water catchment areas start to dry up, and this could affect the future generations if left unattended. The definition of sustainability has changed as human beings have become mean. They only think about themselves, and this is why we are having problems in weather changes and change in Carbon concentration in the atmosphere. Global warming is real, and many people are not concerned about making any contributions that can help alleviate the problem in the coming few years. Therefore, I would say that the meaning of sustainability has changed in that our daily activities are not putting into consideration the future generation who will be faced by the problems we are welcoming when carbon accumulation is increasing day by day.

Therefore, human activities at the moment can be described as tame problems as they can be corrected to avoid causing more troubles to the environment. On the other hand, a wicked problem can be said to be a problem which cannot be solved using a defined way or method. On Easter Island, I learned that natural resources could be depleted or even exhausted. Therefore there is need to take care of the natural resources. Also, bad leadership which may lead to the election of corrupt leaders can accelerate the rate at which human beings misuse the available resources. Deforestation and overpopulation are a threat to the sustainable environment. On the same thing, the 11th-hour movie was touching one the 21st century problems which human beings are causing to the environment. Who will help us change the world?

Wicked problems are problems that reside within ourselves or society at large, and people have different beliefs on how they affect us. These problems include; overpopulation, cutting down of trees, carbon emission and build up among others. These are things that can be controlled and Andrew Dent talked about waste management on Ted Talk. Many of waste is finding its ways into the ocean, and it is affecting aquatic life. Oil spills reduce oxygen in the water there leading to the death of animals and water plants. Paul Gilding also said that the earth is full meaning that the population is very high. Therefore, the economy or environment will not be able to sustain the human population. Therefore, this will affect economic growth and food will become a problem.  I think that we can shift to green technology which can help reduce carbon emission. This will help make the economy more sustainable.

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