Blog article 1: sustainability in our environment

Sustainability refers to the use of natural resources such as water, forest among others in such a way that they benefit us and as well benefit the future generation. Therefore, a sense of protecting the environment goes hand in hand with the definition of sustainability. The meaning of this word has changed over time due to the human acts of being self-centered or greedy. In today’s world, people are thinking about themselves, and they do absolutely nothing to protect the environment. Therefore, the resources will get exhausted or used up, and the future generation will face problems. For instance, soil should be protected as it supports farming which produces food. When forests are cleared to pave the way for human settlement and agricultural practices, it affects the water sources which leads to drying up of rivers. Therefore, there is a growing need to protect the environment. Tame problems refer to problems which can be easily corrected by human beings while wicked problems, on the other hand, cannot be solved or corrected using a specific method. However, not all problems that are hard to solve, and hence they do not qualify to be wicked. They mainly recur every time, affect many people, acts slowly before their effects are felt, they can be corrected or controlled among other features.

Easter Island is an island that well developed but then problems came up, and it fell. The improper use of resources mainly contributed to its fall. When the resources available are not utilized well or even controlled, a nation can lag regarding development. On the other hand, the 11th Hour movie was very similar to our current world where deforestation, improper waste disposal and climate change among others are problems that are facing many countries at the moment.

During the Ted Talk, Andrew Dent discussed some of the problems that are affecting our environment. He talked about waste management which is a problem in the developed and developing the world. A significant amount of waste materials or products gets into the sea and rivers which affects the life of sea animals and creatures. This can lead to the death of fish and birds when they use contaminated water. In the same Ted Talk program, Paul also discussed the growing human population and the resources which are getting depleted every other day. Due to the misuse of resources, the earth will not be able to support the needs of the fast-growing human population. Therefore, there is a growing need to take care of the available resources and well control the rate at which the human population is increasing. Paul also noted that the earth would strain to support the life of human beings other organisms in the future. With the problem of food, water, and waste release into the environment, it will become hard.

Regarding carbon accumulation, leaders should pass laws that will ensure people move from the use of fuels that contain carbon to green technology which will not affect the environment negatively. This will check on the amount of carbon that enters the space. By responding positively to the already affected environment, we can respond positively to correct some of the problems or things that have gone wrong by now.

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