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Sustainability is using recourses of the world without taking advantage of them. To me, sustainability is a major issue in the world today. Each year this issues gets bigger and bigger. The population keeps getting larger causing the use of recourses to grow larger. A tame problem in the world is use of straws, like we discussed in class. It only took one person to get five people, then twenty-five people, escalading into five thousand people. A tame problem differs from a wicked problem because it can be solved, where wicked problems are so far gone they are too large. Global warming is an example of a wicked problem. The increased temperatures are caused by pollution of the world. This issue will only get larger as pollution gets stronger. The Eastern Island reading discusses the advancement in a society that led to the ending of it. They over used their resources causing them to be stuck with nothing but each other. The lesson from it is to not take advantage of the natural resources the world has to offer and become more sustainable.

The 11thhour is a very long, but informative documentary that covered the issues of the world and the impact society plays on the environment. It discusses the issue of global warming and the need to become more sustainable. It discusses problems that are not tame, but wicked and unsolvable.


The six characteristics of wicked problems are unsolvable. They are variable problem definition, variable solutions, solutions have no endpoint, solutions pose irreversible effects, solutions requiring unique approaches, and urgency. Wicked problems have no endpoint, trying to solve one problem could worsen another.


A self-narrative shift is something where something has to touch on a personal or emotional level for an option or belief to change. A lot of changes need to happen, but society doesn’t act until they’re effected. This is something everyone is guilty of, myself included. For example, the TED talks each discussed wastefulness. That is something we all could work on and myself more so than other. Every week I buy groceries and so much goes to waste.


The off the wall exercise really my brain thinking about what social and environmental issues I felt needed improving. There needs to be a paradigm shirt with sustainability and becoming more aware of the world around us.  When passing the paper around I discovered issues that didn’t even cross my mind. There are so many different types of environmental and social issues that could be solved and the crazy solutions for them.


I didn’t understand how much harm even my own family was implicating on the world until after taking the Carbon Footprint quiz. I was shocked when I got the results, a little worse than average. My family and I definitely need to work on being more ecofriendly. I have only been in Wicked Problems a week, but my whole outlook on sustainability has already completely changed. I have found myself constantly thinking of ways to improve my lifestyle and make a positive impact.

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