Can We Fix This?

The earth is dying yet, not much is being done about it. There are two sides to every story. This is hindering the giant leap that our society has to take to become greener. Some people know the real issue and are trying to figure how to combat it. Yet there are others that are self-centered and closed minded, thus blinded from the disastrous events that lie ahead.
Our society has little time to react. As society our economy depends on consumption. We are so worried about having new things and spending money. In order to be greener there must be a change in our culture. This cultural change is a wicked problem and it’s going to take time and initiative from corporations to really make a difference. In the documentary “The 11th Hour,” it talks about how we as consumers just buy and don’t really think about how it effects earth. If something breaks as a consumer we can just go buy another, but the broken objects must go somewhere. So most of the trash ends up in the ocean, thus Contaminating the water and killing the fish.
The consumption and distribution of fossil fuels is also a problem. Our dependency on fossil fuel is unsustainable, as one day there will be no more to extract from the ground. Thus making us have to evolve. As of now our society is working on a better way to produce and capture energy. Take solar panels and wind turbines for example. These two devices use nature to produce energy with little to no harm to the environment surrounding.
Before I thought that if I recycle that’ll do it. I am contributing to the cause, but I realize that it is not enough. My consumption of goods is greater than my ability to recycle it all. If I am mindful of how I consume it can help change things for the better. Even though that’s not the end. There are a lot of issues that need to be solved, but even if we change one thing at a time it will make a great difference.

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