Sustainability is important

When I first heard the word “sustainability” I thought it had something to do with staying the same or keeping something a certain way without changing it. After looking up the definition I learned I wasn’t that far off from what it means. I think that this words meaning has evolved over time. I think this because it has been used in the past as a term for no change. And now its meaning is more to maintain and sustain.

A wicked problem is something that needs to be fixed or solved right away something that is a bigger problem than most. A wicked problem is something that might be hard to resolve and a tame problem is something that is a little more easy to solve or figure out a solution and something that might not be as big of a deal as a wicked problem. The six characteristics seem hard to use and understand for me, I think that they would make it hard to solve to wicked problem and make it complicated, especially for someone like me.

When learning about Easter Island the main lesson was be smart with your resources. You have to be smart with the resources you have around you and they were not smart at all. The people over used the resources for things like building statues and other things for the “gods” and then ran out of them and didn’t have enough to survive off of. That could very well happen here on earth and was a little surreal because we are using our resources around us in bad and not smart or logical ways.

The 11th hour sort of scared me in a way. In the film they talked about many different reasons and ways the earth is being harmed and is slowly but faster and faster dying. I thought that they made some really great points. I was really interested when they talked about the soil being infested with pestisides and that it is poisoning our food. I had heard of this before, but did not know how serious of an issue it is. In the film they also talked a lot about carbon dioxcide and how we are producing the bad kind. I had no clue that we could produce bad carbon into the air and it would affect the trees. I think that this film really opened my eyes to some serious issues that I might not have been taking so serious before. I don’t understand how we as humans can know how badly we are treating the earth and not want to fix or change what we are doing.

My carbon footprint is a little embarrassing and made me really see how not earth effiiciant at all. I think that I need to work on saving electricity mostly and using gas. My household also produces a ton of trash. For fun I took another carbon footprint quiz and got told that if everyone lived the way I did we would need 6.1 more earths. That hurt a little bit, but helped open my eyes that maybe I am not treating the earth as good as I thought I was and that I need to work on that.


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