Save our environment!

Nowadays, we face with lots of wicked problems such as global warming, greenhouse gases, deforestation, biodiversity, and so on.  These problems are difficult, urgent, and impossible to solve because it has no end point, irreversible effects, and require unique approaches. While a tame problem is one that can be solved by choosing and applying the correct algorithm. From the 11th Hour movie, there are many causes that result harmful consequences to the environment, natural system, and to our planet. There are acid rain, climate change, natural disasters, ice melting, soil erosion, depletion of the oceans’ habitats, ocean pollution by chemicals and toxins, degradation, and extinction of species. Through the Easter Island, it also had the same problems. These are wicked problems that had all 6 characteristics that make them difficult to solve using traditional scientific approaches. There are vague problem definitions, variable solutions, solutions have no end point, solutions pose irreversible effects, solutions require unique approaches, and urgent.

In our modern life, we forget how the world looks, lost the feeling about the beauty of the world. Human world has changed the earth; we don’t think about what we are doing to our environment. There are potential solutions to solve these problems by the reshaping and rethinking of global human activity through technology, conservation, and social responsibility. Everyone must become involved to reverse the destruction and climate change. Other solutions are creating sustainable economy and sustainable design. For example, we can design building with solar system, energy sources efficiency, and sustainable home with solar electricity, natural heating and cooling, water conserving plumbing, porous driveway, energy efficiency appliance, and reclaimed locally and sustainably harvested materials. Furthermore, technology can reduce carbon footprints; it would create the huge shift by using wind and solar energy. If we can make a change in technology, we can build new economy by clean energy. It would solve problems. We should shift the way we live and act, take actions, and lift level of awareness.

Comparing with the problems in the Easter Islands article, these issues are very much the same problems that we face today. It provides a warning signs for us to protect the environment. The civilization of Easter Island was collapsed due to many harmful factors that affected their society and environment. The monument constructions of many large statues made the island ending up with low resources. These activities also caused the competition between clan groups in their societies. Deforesting, war, cannibalism, extinction, scarcity of food, corruption was consequences of harmful practices without concerning about the environment. The Easter Island society’s collision has wider implications. Resources and environment play an important role for human life and society. If we do not use it properly; it can cause lot of damages. Everyone must work together to protect the environment and keep the planet safe. In addition, carbon footprint is a common cause that emission from our daily activities. Greenhouse gases can be emitted through production, transportation, consumption of food, fuels, manufactured goods, buildings, and other services. Greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change that lead to global warming. In addition, production creates a large carbon footprint; therefore, decreasing the amount of energy of production is effective ways to decrease a carbon footprint. In our daily lives, we can reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted due to the daily activities such as planting garden, driving less, unplug devices when not using. Moreover, we can reduce by using solar and wind energy.

Sustainability is one way we can change our planet. Sustainability is inter-generation responsibility. It is the way of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural sources. Sustainability is one of the solutions to reduce carbon emissions, protect environments, and keep our planet’s ecosystems in balance. Like the Widest things exercise, we can realize the problems and come up with the solutions to make it more sustainable. It was an interesting exercise to think what problems we face today and come up with solutions to make our planet more sustainable and greener. In the TED talk of Andrew Dent, we can start thrift by reusing, reducing, and recycling. I believe if we can apply these to our daily lives by recycle renewable materials like paper, plastic, glass, metal, and so on. We can save money by starting thrift. Thinking about cycles life of renewable materials or products and how they are used and reused, we can minimize materials, reduce waste to zero, and loss less money. In addition, self-narratives and paradigm shifts are also the ways to help our environment. For example, we can put our stories to spread these to more people to protect the environment. If we set the goals, put structures, parameters, and rules in place to save our planet, we can change the lens that we perceive the world.

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