A New Understanding

When we were first asked what we thous sustainability was I thought it was just simply being able to stay around. After going watching the 11th hour and reading the Easter Island story I realize that sustainability is a conscious effort. Sustainability is not just being able to provide for our needs currently but in the future or as we have been taught “intergeneration responsibility”.  A wicked problem is a problem that is impossible or nearly impossible to solve, so things like world hunger, homelessness, etc.  A tame problem is less complex than a wicked problem. With a tame problem there is a simple one time solution, but a wicked problem requires more than one solution that might not even but a total solution. The Easter Island reading highlighted the problem mass production. The inhabitants of the land were too distracted by growth and power that they completely destroyed their home without even realizing it. It was kind of scary to read because I saw lots of similarities in their life and the life we live now. The 11th hour gave a lot of information I had never heard and realities that they talked about. What I was left with at the end is, ” if we have all these solutions why aren’t we implementing them?”  Wicked problems are hard to solve but easier to identify because of its 6 characteristics. Wicked problems are not crystal clear, there is always going to be more to the issue than what is on the surface. Especially because it can be seen from different perspectives. They also have more than solution. There isn’t just once simple answer to climate change their are multiple steps we’d have to take to achieve ,if we even could, a solution. Which goes into the third characteristic, there is no end point. It will be a continuous cycle that hopefully ends up sustaining ourselves. The only way to find a solution to these problems through continuous testing and finding out what will actually work. With these massive and daunting problems we have to be creative if we want to be successful. Our minds is our only limitations, so if we can dream up a solution we can solve the issue. Lastly wicked problems need to be solved now or they should have been solved a while ago. The TED talk about thrifting was very inspirational due to its ethos. Andrew Dent lecturing on how we can learn from the past to form our future. I think when he used his grandma as an example it made it seem sweeter! After being exposed to all of these new ideas the concept or rather reality of climate change became less about political views and more about unity. I was raised on the idea that “global warming” was just for crazy liberals, but now I think it’s not about politics its about our future and how we can sustain generations to come. The wildest thing project was interesting to see how my classmates saw the worlds issues and some creative way to solve them! The carbon footprint was defiantly eye-opening. It goes to show that we are so similar to the inhabitants of Easter Island. We just continue to harm our planet without even stopping to see the destruction. Unfortunately not everyone will take this test and even if they do they still have to choose to change their ways.

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