How does carbon footprint affect the environment?

I have been ignorant enough to believe that we have a planet that is sustainable. I am shocked to see the reality I found that just because I have been blessed to live a life that looks like our world is sustainable that continue to do what it was designed to provide fresh air clean water produce food I thought I did live in a sustainable planet. Unfortunately, I am wrong our world is not as durable as I thought. We’re part of the system on our planet that is essential to obtain a sustainable planet. And the SIX Characteristics of wicked problems are that make them difficult to solve using traditional scientific approaches are vague problem definitions, variable solutions, solutions have no endpoint, solutions pose irreversible effects, solutions require unique approaches and are urgent. Therefore, it is essential for each one of us to see our carbon footprint, because we have more power then what we think. After Dr. Jayadas gave us a snicker candy bar, I was happy because I love chocolate and snickers are so delicious. When Dr. Jayadas said to keep the wrapper and think of where it goes. I thought well this is so wrong why do I want to stay in my pocket a useless wrapper that has nothing beneficial for me. Then I said, “wait a minute I am just as guilty as MARS because it is me the consumer that needs to make a stand if I want the change from large corporations.” Therefore it is vital that everyone is aware of their carbon footprint to make changes that could positively impact our planet. When we require enough demand, we will obtain a difference in what big corporations are investing. It is easy to blame other but taking a stand and demanding is essential if we want to change. Taking action is critical my number is 70 tons Co2 per year I am 75%worser than average all though this is worse than average I have decided to make changes by just turning off light switching when not in a room switching from T12 lights to T8 lights, replacing my printer with energy star printer using rechargeable batteries Manage computer energy use, plant trees reduce my waste and be cautious and inform of the items that I purchase. The article of Easter Island was eye-opening of how we human are reciprocal to the environment. Easter Island had plenty of free time, yet they decided to direct into ceremonial activities. I am concern because I see some similarities in us because we are focusing too much on social wealth after watching the 11th hour it was confirmation of all the side effect that comes with not reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and heavy metals and synthetic chemicals that persist in nature reduce our destruction of nature ensure we also are not stopping people globally from meeting their needs demand for the Earth’s services clean air water food increases as the population increases and the living standards rise, but the Earth’s ability to provide these services is declining. The 11th-hour movie was not impactful and overwhelming. Experts explain the observations they see and the solutions I am guilty of being so self-involved that and blind not to see the significant impact I have as a consumer as we learn in the second lecture that sometimes what we see is only the tip of the iceberg. Andrew Dent is a sustainable speaker that has help companies from Whirlpool and Adidas to BMW, and Procter & Gamble develop or improve their products through the use of innovative materials. I am excited to work on lightning my carbon footprint on our planet. I am optimistic that we will obtain the support for a sustainable world. I propose that this Thanksgiving we shop local because we can reduce the carbon footprint by purchasing supplies that don’t need to travel far to get to our Thanksgiving table. Happy Thanksgiving

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