Possible Extinction?

When hearing the word sustainability I think of how I can prolong the earth and make living here clean and resourceful. The definition of sustainability has slightly changed over the years. At the beginning of its definition global warming was justing becoming a concern in the public eye. Many people did not take it that seriously in the beginning until the actual change to the earth started to become noticeable. Now in 2018, especially the Millennials have taken a great interest in sustaining our planet. With the topic of sustainability, it relates to a wicked problem. A wicked problem is something that doesn’t have an easy solution or cannot be solved at all, whereas a tame problem can be solved with an easy solution. A tame problem is like an algebraic expression with an unknown solution. In the end, it can be solved.


Learning the impact I have on the earth really opened my eyes. Growing up I never saw how bad we treated our planet until I started to use the internet on a regular basis and saw the corruption big corporations have on this earth.


Throughout the movie the 11th Hour, I was realizing how many wicked problems we actually have in the world. Between deforestation and how if we don’t start taking care of the place we live we might even be facing possible extinction. Can we really face extincion if we don’t start taking action? I realize that is a possiblity.  

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