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My thoughts on sustainability have really made an impact in the way I live. I try live a sustainable lifestyle. I buy products that don’t waste resources or pollute unnecessarily for the sake of our ecosystem. Some pollution is done no matter what we do, but for me I look for other options and products to reduce that pollution as much as possible. I consider what an item is made of, how and where it is made, how it will be used and what will happen to it when I am finished with it. I have lessened waste and recycling by reducing packaging. I take advantage of the bulk bins at the store and eat very few processed and excessively packaged foods. Some of the actions I take are a local organic in season diet, reduce meat intake. Avoid plastics as much as possible. I look for items that are made with sustainable practices, close to home as possible, durability and versatility. Sustainability I feel like has changed and evolved by becoming such an obvious problem that the solution has to derive from the people living at home themselves. Not only do big companies and people with power have the ability to keep sustainability on this earth, everyone does. It’s a wicked problem, really. A wicked problem is complex, with many layers to it, and not an easy fix. A tame problem would be how to straighten your hair, how to kick, how to make coffee… things with an easy simple solution. The total opposite of a Wicked one. A wicked problem could be depression. There could be so many aspects that contribute to somebody’s depression like financial struggles, relationships, abuse with drugs, school, etc. You can’t just have a fix all solution when so many things participate in a problem. For a wicked problem you must have a complex solution. Just how in the film the 11th hour proves to the viewer. I highly enjoyed the film because it made you aware of the struggles the earth is going through, and we are the ones to blame. Us humans have gotten farther and farther away from nature and this film captured and talked about what harm we are doing. I wish there would be more films/documentaries made like this to create more awareness on such problems. Exactly how Andrew Tent in his Ted Talk talked about the amount of waste that we produce is another example in how were not taking into consideration the landfills and its effect on our Earth. The concept that Andrew talked about was not seeing waste as “waste” and instead seeing it as a resource… in other words thrifting and recycling material. I think we need to start making every products material recycled in order to keep landfills growing speed to decrease. Landfills is a contributing factor for our Earth being unsustainable like Paul Gilding stated in his Ted Talk. I found his Ted Talk fascinating and heartbreaking on how us humans are unable to make change until the problem that is awaiting for us is right in our faces. The consequences that we are going to be dealing with in the future needs to be advertised more than what it is, there needs to be more conversations in order to make a solution occur on the damage we are causing. Its as if a Paradigm Shift should occur in the way we use our resources because we use them as if they are endless and they are not. We only get as much as mother nature has to offer. The six characteristics to a wicked problem separates it from a tame problem. The most important characteristic for me, that ties into every issue that I have talked about in this blog has been that there is no simple, one way, easy solution. That characteristic alone can make me distinguish a tame problem from a wicked one.


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