Focused on the Future

I believe sustainability is avoiding natural resources from being depleted to meet the needs of the present without hurting future generations. Sustainability is about economic growth and how to correctly help make the world a better place. Sustainability has evolved over time by the growth in population. There are more humans being born today than there are people dying. If we do not do something now about the environment and beyond, than we are going to face major changes for the worst. A wicked problem is a concern or issue that is often impossible to solve and can be difficult to explain. Solutions to wicked problems would require a big majority of people to change their behaviors.

Some lessons learned from Easter Island was that the people resorted to cannibalism in an attempt to supplement the food supplies that was available on the island. Their was a lot about their life during the golden age and what the causes of the catastrophe was. The 11th Hour was a eye-opening movie. It gave me a different perspective on ways that I can help make the environment a better place for the future. The six characteristics of wicked problems are interesting. With vague problem definitions there are different ways to deal with problems, cultures, values and beliefs. One solution to a problem could possibly work everywhere for everyone. The carbon foot print was interesting and eye-opening.

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