Mindfulness is being aware of yourself, others, and the future generations to come. In our reading, it talks a lot about mindful meditation and the sorts of impacts that can come from it. Mindful meditation is paying attention to one’s body, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Doing this type of meditation, it brings positive emotions, increases attention in a professional aspect, and increases compassion and empathy, which can improve your social relations with others.

Marc Cohen is a doctor who did a Ted Talk about Wellness, Mindfulness, and Sustainability. Cohen talks about wellness and the “harmony between internal and external worlds.” This meaning that wellness is looking well, feeling well, performing well, and staying well. Combining these four together will help oneself to live their life to their full potential. Also, these four “well’s” will bring fulfillment and enjoyment to one’s life because they feel good about themselves.

The Western Value reading, the “no” side, talks about how humans today are placed in a cultural system based on society’s normal, symbols, values, and traditions. The summary of this article is how to prevent “a collapse of human civilization.” It briefly talks about how we prevent the collapse of civilization, which would be “transforming our cultural patterns.” This is a big task to take and the way we have to be comfortable to step out of our comfort zones and examine our realities. This Western Value reading also pointed out some interesting statistics. In 2006, $30.5 trillion was spent on goods and services alone. In 2008, 68 million vehicles, 85 million refrigerators, 297 million computers, and 1.2 billion cell phones were purchased. Also, a test was taken and today’s “humanities uses resources and services of 1.3 earths.” This point in the articles shows us how much we actually consume and how much really do not need.

Our second Ted Talk we watched was from Leyla, who talked about how much we consume as humans, how much we waste, and how we disrupt the environment with some things we use. At one point in her Ted Talk, she says, “We need to do more with less.” How I interpreted this was we use so many materials with, for example, interior design and architecture. There are so many materials that “go out of style” and we waste those materials, rather than finding a way to re-use thing a fashionable manner. For a little bit she talks about Biodegradability. Leyla’s point about Biodegradability was that natural things should end up in nature and degrade from there, rather than degrading in a landfill, which is bad for the environment. She shared an interesting statistic in her talk which was, “40% of food purchased is wasted.” She blames this statistic on refrigerators. They keep growing in size, so the more you think you need to fill up your entire refrigerator.

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