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The state of mindfulness helps one come up with befitting realities on various issues that are happening. Life is all about thinking on the right path, and being mindfulness of that direction in life is uniquely essential. The concept of mindfulness helps reflect on sentiments such as happiness. Essentially, the state helps one to become conscious about what is happening around, to avoid getting caught up by events. In Marc Cohen’s Ted talk, he acknowledges that happiness is hard to achieve, especially if one does not achieve wellness. The whole understanding of the concepts of sustainability and mindfulness rests on the ability to achieve each of them. Without those realizations in life, then it becomes utterly difficult to come to terms with the whole understanding that one desires to foster in life on various aspects.

What I am learning about the problem that I would like to explore is that it is not difficult to sustain it. Therefore, what is required is the establishment of a favorable ground to help achieve the anticipated outcomes. There are many solutions to a given problem, and choosing the correct one is the most important of all important elements that one should examine at any given time.

One of the most significant takeaway from the western value readings is the ethical values of the western culture. Apparently, there are many aspects that one should look at to establish the importance of a given value system. Ethics is just one of them, which is not easy to overlook, because of the overall importance that it has in the society.

Leyla’s Ted talk helps establish a whole lot of information concerning the environment. This is an important aspect that people should not overlook at whatever cost. The understanding of the environment comes with its importance, because it is a self-sustaining system. Therefore, looking at the environment will help make various choices concerning its suitability and effectiveness. Moving on, the element of merchandising and sustainability is important because of how it helps organizations in business operate. Merchandising brings trade aspects close to reality, while sustainability maintains them. The understanding of how the two elements coexist in any environment helps come up with effective solutions concerning purposeful and meaningful living. This whole understanding then helps foster unique environments where life becomes interesting enough to enhance continuity.

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