Double Negative

There is hope for our double negative wicked world. Education is and will continue to be a great contributor to save our planet.  This week we read an article of mindfulness, and I completely agree that the benefit to be mindful is good health. I have noticed that a significant contributor to my mental health has been my mindfulness. Now that I had decided to peruse my education it had allowed me to be more mindful with problems that our planet faces making my problems insignificant when I  began my research of sweatshops I discovered that children are victims of our electric consumption to this planet. There is a massive gain of Mindfulness, and that is individuals well-being our values, empathy compassion, and most important a sustainable behavior. Marc Cohens TED talk only made the importance of been mindful stronger after he showed the vortex using two words  WELLNESS and ILLNESS after explaining that the importance of how to enhance health by realizing how we all are connected. I enjoyed his Ted talk because it rings some truth to my depression that the more focus I am to myself the more mental illness was a contributor to my depression.  I am excited for Activity #3 because I am having to research more for solutions on how to approach a wicked problem like sweatshops in this fast-growing fashion industry.  After reading the Wester Value reading, I came to a conclusion. This article looks at both sides and all though I agree that Globalization has positives advantages like increasing economic growth for everyone including parts of the country that depend on globalization to bring food to the table. The price that we pay is higher pollution emission. Therefore to me, this is not fair trade, or again I think we should look at an alternative way to reduce higher pollution emission. Leyla just left me speechless. When Dr. Jayadas ask the class about what we prefer plastic or paper bags. I was proud to answer paper bags as we resume to Leyla’s Ted talk video I found out that Plastic and paper can take years to disappear, and in breaking down, can release toxic materials Because it is not disposed of properly instead it ends in a land field.  I was shocked to see how wrong I was to always select paper bag over plastic. Leyla also shared the situation of the tea kettle in the UK. I was blind to the thought of how vital is to come up with good designs that might look insignificant to the contribution to carbon emission.  This makes me think about how I am a like a tea kettle  I too can make a difference even though I am just one person that chooses to make a decision to lighting my carbon footprint.


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