It Starts with us.

Mindfulness is being aware of something, and not shying away from it whether it is good or bad. Mindfulness can be learned and enhanced by practicing. If an individual is mindful they are able to focus and continually refocus on their needs and wellbeing. Having better health and wellbeing is beneficial to ourselves and to those around us. If the people around you are happy and well, you are more likely to be the same. If everyone is in a state of wellbeing it could give rise to a new perspective on how we can develop as individuals and societies. Before we can change our ways we must face our problems and work on ourselves.

Wellbeing, empathy, and awareness of values can, in turn, lead to more sustainable behavior. This change to a sustainable behavior is pertinent for life to be able to continue. People are more likely to do something if they see others doing it. It happens in our society all the time. Whether people are setting a good or bad example. A wicked problem that our society is faced with today is how unsustainable our cities are. There is a lot of waste in architecture. Instead of reusing materials we just start fresh and throw away the old. If we could redesign the way we think about building, we could help heal the earth instead of destroying it. If we used biophilia as a learning tool we could turn our cities into green machines. Our society has little time to change its ways, but it can be done.

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