Mindful Blog 2, Grace Thionnet

Mindfulness is something that is very important to practice everyday. I think that mindfulness is something that you have to work hard at to focus on. Mindfulness is a healthy way to be aware of your actions and thoughts. Mindfulness is something that has to be trained so that you can meditate. Practicing mindfulness is a way to improve your well-being, empathy, and compassion. Mindfulness helps to practice your values, such as, personal growth, relationships, and community. Mindfulness also gets better and easier to the more you practice it, letting you go deeper in your meditation everyday. Everything that you do during mindful meditation is to help yourself be in the moment and focus on nothing else but bettering yourself.

Marc Cohens Ted Talk was about wellness. He talked about having harmony between both internal and external worlds. In today’s world, we are focused on always trying to look, feel, perform, and stay well. Although that is important, it cannot always be possible all the time. However, it is important to try and live your life to your full potential and to be in the moment instead of thinking about the future. Also, it is important to have the feeling of fulfillment and enjoyment in life through memories and experiences that you share with others.

The wicked problem that I am learning about has to do with the waste production on the Earth. All of the waste that we produce affects everything that we surround ourselves with. This is affecting our environment, our health, and the cause of many deaths.

A few things that stood out to me in the Western Value reading was that human beings are embedded in culture systems and we depend on everything coming from our culture. Preventing the collapse of human civilization requires nothing but a wholesale transformation of dominant culture patterns. Therefore, this would reject consumerism and then restore Earth’s ecological systems back to a healthy way. Overall, our problems need to be changed by switching the way we think and consume things without hesitation. We are using a third more of Earth’s capacity than is available and if this continues, then the Earth will eventually just shut down.

Leyla’s Ted Talk started off by asking the question “Is using plastic or paper bags better?”. She answered the question by saying that it is a double negative because they both end up in the landfill. Also, paper bags are 4-10 times heavier. She also talked about how consumption is the problem, but design is the solution. Biophilia is broken down into the love of life or living systems. This is where you affiliate with other forms of life and want to have connections with nature. Many people seek the feeling of being in nature where you can clear your mind and have peace.

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