Blog Post 2

I think mindfulness is a great quality everyone should have. If everyone was more mindful then our world would not be in such harm. Mindfulness is like a ripple effect, by just improving one thing then leads to another, and so on. Marc Cohen discussed why mindfulness should be practiced. He described the illusion of being paranoid and its connection to non-peace. Marc Cohan said, “for every negative thought there’s an equally positive thought”, being at peace can lead to a more sustainable mindful lifestyle. The reading over mindfulness and sustainability discusses the importance and well-being and how to gain mindfulness through meditation. If someone is more positive and aware they are led to sustainable behaviors. Practicing meditation can reduce stress and overthinking and allow one to distinguish between their wants, and needs. Wondering minds lead to a road of unhappiness and unawareness to wicked problems of the world.


For activity two, I am researching the pollution and harm caused by the production and decomposition of textiles. I am learning about the harm on the earth by producing textiles with excessive water consumption and harmful chemicals and dyes. I am also learning about the harm done during the break down of unwanted textiles. The unwanted garments are thrown away they are sent to landfills where they cause the most pollution and harm.


The western Value reading was full of many shocking facts. It discusses the rate of consumption per person and how it has tripled in forty-six years, but the human population only grew by 2.2. While consumption rises pollution does too. How much of this is a necessity though? Like we discussed we need to think before we purchase, where it came from, what it’s made of, who or what was affected by its production? Society needs to know the difference in wants and needs.


Leyla discusses issues of the environment and have to change the design of everyday used products to become more sustainable. Sometimes people think they are being more sustainable, but they are not. Leyla teaches on how to rethink environmental folklore. Choosing paper bags over plastic ones is an example of an environmental Folklore, thinking you did the right thing. I have always thought paper was better than plastic, but I was very wrong! She gives examples of small changes the world could make that could have the BIGGEST impact on being more sustainable towards earth! Leyla is a sustainable designer, which means all her work goes towards positive textiles and project use. Merchandisers could help the design world become more sustainable. They are the ones who chose the products to bring into retail businesses. If more merchandisers would world along with designers like Leyla it would make a greater impact on a largely unsustainable industry. Customers are always attracted to an ecofriendly product, but like Leyla said not all designers want to be sustainable. If a large group of merchandisers only bought environmental friendly products then producers and designers would modify their designs to a more eco friendly products.

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