The Importance of Mindfulness

I believe that mindfulness is necessary to having a mindset geared toward sustainability. Being mindful is being aware of what is going on around you. Someone that is mindful thinks about consequences to their actions, such as being wasteful and not recycling. These actions have consequences that harm the planet which is why it is important to be aware of them. In Marc Cohen’s TED Talk he focuses on wellness. We all have things that stress us out and bring us down. When you are ill it is about yourself but when you are well it Is about others. Being mindful improves your mental health because it makes the world a better place, therefore improving the wellness of the human population. We cannot be well if the world isn’t well. Being a mindful human can help promote one’s awareness and one’s mental health, while reducing one’s emotional and cognitive habits. If one was to practice mindful meditation, it can be beneficial in situations where you have to choose between temptations and substance. The wicked problem I am looking further into is climate change. I am learning that most everything we do impacts the planet and it is up to us whether we impact in a positive or negative way. Being wasteful is not being mindful, and it does not sustain the resources that we have on earth. Polluting the air with factories and cars, being wasteful and using too many resources, as well as not recycling, are all things that humans do regularly that do not promote sustainability and taking care of earth. Things like deforestation are not worth it. Exchanging our planet for products that can me made from it is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. In Leyla’s TED Talk she explains that it should not be about whether paper is better than plastic, it should be about being mindful of both of these resources! Both of them are not good fort the environment which is why we should cut down on both in order to be mindful of our environment. 

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