Mindfulness is similar to empathy. To be mindful is to be content and empathetic. I believe that mindfulness is very important especially in todays world. In fact, I believe that more people need to be more mindful. Everyone gets caught up in their own ambitions and desires that they don’t take a second to step back and look that the effects their actions are causing.

Marc Cohens Ted talk discusses how most individuals are not content with the life that they are living. They are always wanting more or looking for more when more is actually right in front of them. During his talk he mentions how we will often separate us from the universe and complain about the negative things that happen, but don’t see the positive in them or after them. We would rather sit there and do nothing than do something. But, if you start to change that perspective or outlook you will notice a difference in your day to day life. You will start to become more observant of the positive and not the negative and before long, you will have very little to be negative on and instead will be counting your blessings.

The Mindfulness and Sustainability reading was appealing to me because it discussed the practice of being mindful and sustainable. It goes over how perspectives and emotions are changed when you become more mindful of life.

So far I am gathering information over how I could substitute wood in buildings/ homes and use other materials such as cement, or brick. What I have run into though, is that if I take away the wood which harming the planet, but providing shelter, and replace it with using bricks or cement, am I still helping? The problem could be that the manufacturing or production behind those other materials could be laboring those under age limits.

The article was interesting to read. It mentioned that when we first started to develop as a country we believed we were more superior of other animal kingdoms and we were over using our resources without knowing. Eventually the problem was brought to light when Adlai Stevenson started to observe the behavior of environments on planet earth and soon realized that the earth is fragile and unique.

The Ted talk with Leyla was very interesting. I didn’t realize how much food we were consuming in the U.S. It’s unfortunate to think about how many people are out there starving, while we are throwing away unwanted foods or foods that have gone bad because they weren’t consumed within a proper time. I also was shocked to hear about the growth of the ‘standard’ American fridge. Growing up, I wanted a larger fridge in my home so I could store more food, but after watching the video it made me realize that Americans don’t need as much as we tend to think we do. It’s not good for the economy or environment.

Merchandise can be sustainable if consumers were to dispose of it properly. The problem that has come from this is manufacturing is way cheaper than it ever has been before and the consumer market for styles and brands has grown tremendously. We are purchasing clothes constantly but not disposing them as we should. For starters, you can recycle your clothes by taking them to a donation store to give them to those in need, you can pass them down to friends or family members, or you can sell them online. Most of the time, the clothes are ended up in landfills which isn’t good.

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