Mindfulness and sustainability

Being mindful suggests that we are aware of what is happening in our immediate environment. The experiences in the environment can be positive or negative. To some extent, being mindful also involves thinking about other people and wishing them well. For instance, taking care of the natural resources that are available to ensure that future generation benefits from them mean that we are mindful. This is an aspect of being concerned with others. This is because the environment is changing and many people are not concerned about the depleting natural resources and weather patterns. Dr. Marc Cohen was talking about the wellness, mindfulness, and sustainability. These are essential things, and he did explain them very well. In the talk, Dr. Cohen says that we are living in a world that is not well. So many problems face us. These are hunger, death, toxic pollution, population explosion, financial instability, chronic diseases among others. People need to come together so that they can at least reduce the effect of these problems. This will bring happiness as we become mindful about each other. Despite the problems that the world is facing, Dr. Cohen said that there is an equal positive that that matches the negative thought hence all can be changed.  Once a person knows this about inner peace, they become happy. Eating a balanced diet and organic food contributes to personal wellness and happiness which is needed. Upon shifting to the knowledge of organic foods, chronic and lifestyle diseases will be reduced and people will be happy and healthy.

I am learning that most of the problems that the world and human beings are facing can be controlled. People need to be a little bit considerate and also make decisions that are beneficial.  Just like Dr. Cohen, people need to think about the environment together so that the present problems can be solved. The Ted Talk show which featured sustainability strategist Leyla Acaroglu was touching on the environment and how sustainability can be achieved. People like to use simple shortcuts when it comes to research and development. Anything that is being manufactured or processed comes from the natural environment. The outcome of all these is that the world can be both affected negatively or positively. These outcomes affects the sustainability of the environment, when products of the industries are released in to the environment as landfills or gas, sustainability start changing. Leyla speaks of 1.3 billion tonnes of foods being wasted in the world every year as half of the processed foods ends up being wasted. This is not okay as some people cannot afford three meals per day due to poverty. Therefore, their happiness level will be affected badly.

Merchandising and sustainability have something to do with the products we buy or use and our environment. The products need to be safe to use, and they should not pose problems in the environment. The packages should be biodegradable, and the food should be safe for human consumption. Therefore, this type of merchandising will involve a more significant percentage of people who are concerned with their environment — for instance, recycling packaging materials among others. This reflection essay has touched on the various reading and TED Talk show and how they affect the world sustainability. It is my wish that every person will think about the world more positively.

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