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The most important thing to learn from “The Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard is how the lifecycle of the material goods take place. This understanding helps establish an understanding on the whole chain including the elements of consumptions and disposal, which are the most integral. On the other hand, the issues of poverty, money, and love as examined by Jessica Jackley are essential in the society, for it to become complete in the modern world. They have a significant impact in the sense of how they help run the society in diverse ways. Understanding their core motivation helps unravel the world around their presentation.

The concept of environmental degradation is has always been on the limelight. Working towards ensuring that it is something of the past will be the most ideal achievement in the modern world. The issue of environmental degradation advances many negative effects to the environment. As such, taking adequate measures to handle the problem will be the most effect strategy in enhancing care for the environment. On climate change, the world is changing rapidly. This accounts on why various countries are speeding up measures to see an end to the impending danger, courtesy of the whole issue of global warming. This accounts for the changes seen especially in the construction industry, where the concept of going green is encouraged. Lastly, from a wide angel view of fragile Earth, it is important to look at the impending issues raised, to help come up with ways of dealing with the precarious nature of events.

Adopting social entrepreneurship for any business is one aspect that accounts for a level of progressiveness that is desirable. At times, starting a successful business is not easy. However, pooling up funding ideas from a social network will help come up with a business that meets one’s expectations. Concerning the wicked problem, it’s something difficult to solve, although there are remedies to curb the condition significantly.

This far, it is important to report that the sustainability journey is a successful one, although it had its fair share of ups and downs. Looking back, things were not easy. However, with time, learning and appreciating what has happened in the past has helped pave the way for a better future. The role that I might play in the sustainability journey moving forward is that of an activist. It will place me in the best position to advocate for what my mind speaks on the sustainability journey path

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