Blog 3, Grace Thionnet

Jessica Jackley talked about Poverty, Love, and Money in her Ted talk and expressed how important to her it is to help the poor. Often times, people look at the poor as a burden and they think that they have a negative impact on our environment because they do not have the resources to live sustainably. She talked about the community that she has helped called Kiva.

In our reading, we talked about Green Construction and the impact it could have if everyone was willing to completely change the way we build and create things. Green construction requires buildings to be built with eco-friendly materials and resources. This way of living is very expensive, and that is why some people refuse to do this.

Through researching my wicked problem, I have learned that even though green building is expensive and might even be inconvenient at the start, it will eventually be worth it in the long run. We don’t even think about the amount of trees being cut down everyday so that people can build more. What happens when one day that resource doesn’t work anymore? When will enough be enough? Throughout this class, I have thought about things that I haven’t ever thought about before. It has made me become more aware of all the issues that could eventually threaten the Earth very badly. Right now, I would look at myself as a communicator/educator. As I am still learning about how to be sustainable, I would love to continue learning about it so that I can eventually have my work reflect as something that is good for the environment. In addition, I would love to be an educator through what I do with interior design by using eco-friendly furniture and finishes that will help the environment instead of hurt it.

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