Educator to Activist

From the ted talk by Jessica Jackley, I’ve reflected on how much I relate to her. Having grown up in a church I was told the same thing. I was supposed to go help the poor and homeless, but when growing up I’ve felt useless. She later heard Dr. Muhammad Yunus speak and tell stories of the poor she has never heard of before. She was given the opportunity to go out and help the less fortunate. With me, I have had the opportunity to talk to some homeless people and help them or just talk to them. This made me feel like I had helped them in the slightest bit but we all have to start somewhere.


With more research on my wicked problem, I am learning the struggles of finding the perfect education system for the world. With different backgrounds and culture, it’s hard to meet the needs of every student out there.


With my sustainability journey, I’ve discovered how much waste I produce and would like to slowly transition to a waste-free lifestyle so help save the planet on my part.


My role in sustainability would first to be a communicator and educator. With teaching my family and friends around me to the campus of OSU. With teaching people I’d like to become an activist and make a change in the world.

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