Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainability

In The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard discusses how production and consumption as humans is impacting the planet. Leonard mentions how environmental issues and social issues have a connection. If the planet is not functioning properly and is a healthy place for humans to grow, it results in social issues. If the planet is not well, then how can the human race be well? As the inhabitants of planet earth, we as humans need to come together to sustain the resources that we have. In Poverty, Money, and Love, Jessica Jackley discusses microcredit which the process of entrepreneurs who do not make enough money to be given loans by the bank, receiving loans. Jackley loved the idea so much that she quit her job and moved to Africa and founded Kiva. Through this organization, people can pledge money that goes to making up these loans for the entrepreneurs. Because of the overwhelming support it has received, many small companies dedicated to better communities have been given the chance to succeed. This is an example of social entrepreneurship, which is when small businesses develop ideas on how to combat social and environmental issues. This has played a role in enlightening me personally on wicked problems and just how serious they are because of what I have learned about social entrepreneurship. People dedicate their lives to making the world a better place through small businesses that make a big difference. This is inspiring because it shows that everyone can play a part and act to fight for what they are passionate about. This makes me want to educate people that I know about ways that they can better the world because if the world is well, then we as humans can also be well! In A Wide Angle View of Fragile Earth by Yann Arthus, he discusses the meaning behind landscape instead of only focusing on the physical aspect of it. Arthus explains that some landscapes can tell the story of trying times as well as wonderful times. Some landscapes show environments that are lacking nutrients and health while others can be overflowing with vegetation and beauty. The landscapes show the impact of human activity and what its result is. This is significant because in one of the readings, the author explains that when people are living in poverty, the whole environment around them begins to become worse and worse. Not all environments are flourishing which can be easy to not be aware of whenever everything in the environment surrounding you seems to be fine. This explains the importance of sustainability because if resources are not sustained, the environment will digress and not meet the needs of the people living in it. Without sustainability, a society will have trouble developing economically or socially. Sustainability is what ultimately makes or breaks a society, which is why it is so important that we are aware of it. Another reading compares market and the government. The author discusses that the increase of carbon to the environment is dangerous therefore doing things like adding a tax to anything containing carbon, such as gasoline, would be beneficial because it would lessen the amount that is being used. It is important that we keep it at a minimum because of its negative effects on the environment. Making it harder to get would be a good start to making carbon less abundant in our atmosphere. From my wicked problem, I have learned that climate change is something that most every human has an impact on. From waste to pollution to over production of goods, everything impacts the planet and that is something that people should be more aware of. Solutions will take time to reach their full potential but it is important that we as a society work towards these solutions as soon as possible because if we wait too long, it will be too late. 

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