Striving for Sustainability

Our society is greedy and overconsumes, this has put us on a course for destruction. We over mine the earth in order to keep up with our habits. Since our culture is consumer based we produce a lot of waste. A lot of people have too much stuff if someone is to give them a gift one of their first thoughts is where they’re going to put it. Sometimes it might go straight to the trash. Many people do this without thinking about the story behind the stuff. The story being how did it come about and get to my hands? Sometimes it’s not a pretty story. By producing a toxic environment, we are pushing ourselves to a toxic society. This is why we must change our ways. We can do that by design or default. It just depends on how we manage our time now. By proactively changing our ways and the way in which we design, we can secure a future for humanity.

Green construction is a route we can take to obtain a more sustainable future. Although it takes a lot of money for a building to become L.E.E.D. certified. Being certified isn’t required and in the end is a piece of paper saying that the building passed their test. The problem with this is that a lot of individuals aren’t going to want to pay all the money to become L.E.E.D. certified, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be green. It starts with the designer and their knowledge of green construction. This green construction consists of minimal disturbance to landscapes and site conditions, use of non-toxic and recycled materials, efficient use of water and water recycling, and the use of renewable materials. If designers could focus on these things, we’d be setting a path for a more sustainable life. With this being said, there are many other things that can be done and a lot to learn. A role I would like to play in this is a communicator-educator and one day a facilitator. For now, my voice is how I can make difference and with time I will get my degree so I can make a difference with how I design.

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