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Watching the story of life really put into perspective how a wicked problem works. They used the example of reducing plastic by making clothes out of water bottles, but they dove further into the problem. I did not realize what happened when you washed synthetic fibers. We think we fixed a problem but as we’ve learned from this class a wicked problem does not have a solution. Jessica Jackley’s video was also touching. I related to her she talked about her former views of the poor. It was lovely to see how she used what she had to make the lives of other better. I also appreciated how her company has continued to grow and help others and change the worlds view of people in poverty. In the reading environmental degradation I liked the conceptual shift of giving impoverished people the resources to change their ways and not just seeing them as the issue. By doing this I feel like we can be more connected as humans.  In the second reading, green construction, I thought it was super cool that the green buildings have been implemented at the state, local, and government. I hope that these kinds of buildings continue to grow in popularity, so we can continue taking steps to improve our future. In activity 3 I think  was able to find a lot more information on my issue of water pollution. I did not realize how many top companies played such a hazardous role. It was disheartening to see some of my friends brands, such as H&M, not caring about the people they are affecting. After learning more about wicked problems especially mine I have been a lot more conscious about where I buy my clothes and what they’re made of. I have also been thinking a lot about where my trash is going and I have been trying to recycle it. Because of these things I see myself as an educator. I want to lead by example and inform the people around me of the consequences of the decisions they make. I have already started by talking to my family.

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