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In the presentation “Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard, is a very interesting presentation on the “golden Arrow of consumption and garbage” in the modern economic times. The documentary critically analyses the impact of excessive consumerism and role of individuals in promoting production sustainability.

The story “Poverty, Money & Love” by Jessica Jackley is about the importance of our view of other and ourselves concerning money. The presentation intrigues on the issues that govern money and is appropriate on individuals that have a negative attitude about money. It is enriching on the ways to manage and use money without bearing a wrong feeling and attitude.

In “A wide angel view of fragile Earth” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the narrator displays stunning aerial photographs that tough on the earth as human habitat and humanity. In the presentation, human activities are presented to negatively impact on the environment. It is informative on how human activities cause them to struggle for survival after destroying their own habitat. The documentary may help in finding remedies to environmental degradation and strategies that will promote environmental conservation and protection.

Environmental Degradation – Poverty, the reading is rich in the role of poverty on environmental degradation. Poverty derives people to engage in environmentally degrading activities that disintegrate the ecosystem and causes environmental degradation. Poverty causes rapid growth of industrial activities in poor developing countries, which shifts environmental degradation from the rich countries to the poor developing countries. The reading clearly connects poverty to environmental degradation using rich examples and illustrations that are both globally and locally acceptable. The reading informs on the ways that can be employed to facilitate formulation and implementation policies that will enhance environmental protection.

Tackle Climate change / Green Construction, this reading is very informative and clearly articulates remedies to climate change by green construction.   It is building and construction hastens climate change but green construction policies may aid in alleviating on the impact. The policies and ways to implement them are presented clearly and in a simple understandable language.

Social entrepreneurship, the reading clearly articulates the roles of the society in business and impact on the environment.  It illustrates how the society should collectively venture in business that are both profitable and environment friendly. The reading is rich will projects that social entrepreneurs may find useful.

 I have learnt that human beings mostly trigger wicked problems and the solution to these problems is in their hands. For instance, using too much material in making furniture engenders the environment but its remedy is simplifying furniture designs in order to make simple, beautiful and comfortable ones that use less material. This will contribute in conserving the environment.

My sustainability or wicked journey is dependable on the decision I chose to take.  A sustainable journey will need sustainable use of materials and strategies to rebuild the areas extracted.

My role, therefore, will be use quantifiable material, while putting up strategies that will ensure that the material extracted are restored at the same rate they are extracted.  In this case, I will take the role of an entrepreneur. This is because I will identify the market gap, design a project of filling the gap while considering the ways of reducing the impact of the project on the environment and sustaining the project for a long time. This role makes one to be hands on, and thus directly contribute to the problem solving.

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