How long can you use more than you produce?

If you continually use more than you produce, you’ll eventually run out. There no system of overproduction and consumption that can last. Annie Leonard said it best when she said that her opinion was not that you shouldn’t love your stuff but precisely the opposite. If all of us took better care of the things we had and weren’t constantly replacing things we would cut our consumption drastically. Disposable items are the biggest culprit in the case but also the easiest problem to handle in a lot of cases. Annie mentions bringing your own cup with you and bringing your own bags to the supermarket as two simple solutions that could have a huge impact. It’s these small changes that would allow us more energy to develop smaller countries and give honest entrepreneurs a chance. Jessica Jackley discussed her crowd funding ideas as well as the average idea of the poor and put these thoughts together to create Kiva. Kiva is a crowd sourced funding operation used to allow people in developed countries to microfinance people in undeveloped countries to start their own businesses to better their financial situations. This breaks away from the idea of the poor as “needy” and gives rise to the idea of the poor as “capable.” From natural resources to human resources, we could be using our energy better than we are. Yann Arthus-Betrand discussed how people in these developing countries are so used to unsustainable practices that they don’t even know that oil is coming to the end of it’s era and is supremely limited after consumed at almost 3x the amount it is produced every year. The extraction of materials such as gold and oil is also very primitive in these countries and is unregulated. These kinds of countries could benefit greatly from education and infrastructure. If developed countries such as the U.S. wanted to microfinance clean energy production plants in undeveloped countries, they could retrieve their investments from profits, increase efficiency and profits in other countries, and decrease emissions that cause environmental degradation. The developed world needs to show the undeveloped world how to construct things in a more green manner to the benefit everyone on this planet. If an average person such as myself was truly concerned about the environment we should start with our own activities, such bringing your own cup and bags as an activist,  and branch out to concerning ourselves with activities that would help those who don’t know how to help themselves such as developed countries, through communication and education, helping them to facilitate greener lifestyles. If you are stepping in owning your own business you could as an entrepreneur start by considering a sustainable future, as opposed to trying to fix issues you created before you considered the environment in your business activities. The truth is that there a small and big steps that any person can take towards a more sustainable future, but if every person just took a small step towards sustainability, the world as a whole could change for the better. Think hard in your decisions and remember what your impact is.


About schaddesigns

Apparel Designer and Business Owner. Working for my degree while starting businesses in Stillwater Oklahoma. I spend my time thinking of new designs and studying popular culture to adapt fits for the modern man and women. My main focuses are fit, functionality, textiles, and sustainability. In this blog I will explore several issues of sustainability and my thoughts on the presented matters. All feedback is appreciated and I would be very interested to hear any followup thoughts or questions!
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