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I believe sustainability means just getting by with what you have. After what we learned in class this week I think it has evolved into meaning something more positive. It now means the ability to be maintained at a certain rate. Before coming to class this week I had no idea what a wicked problem was. I now know it is a problem that can not be fixed. It can’t be fixed because the requirements for change are often difficult for humans to understand. A wicked problem is different from a tame problem, which can be fixed. I believe the movie “11thhour” prepared us for the OSU museum of art visit. It presented us with facts about what is happening on our earth right now and how it is very dangerous. The movie spoke about global warming, over production, pollution, and many more important topics. When we visited the museum we got to see all the things the movie was talking about in person. It was very eye opening seeing how our beautiful oceans and beaches have turned into a metaphoric trashcan. My favorite part of the exhibition was the sculpture of a woman from the waist up filled with debris from the ocean. I also thought it was interesting how the artist turned trash into a learning lesson without the viewer feeling like their really being taught.  We also learned about the six characteristics of wicked problems that make them hard to solve by scientists this week in class. The first is “vague problem definitions” which makes it hard to solve the problem because there is so much diversity and different opinions among people. Number two is “variable solutions” because with all of the diversity is it hard to pinpoint one definite solution. Not everyone will agree on one solution because depending on who you ask a solution can be right or wrong. The third characteristic we learned about is “solutions have no end point”. This means it is difficult to find the end of the problem because the end is never in sight. When one solution applied another problem comes up. Number four is “solutions pose irreversible effects” this means a wicked problem is irreversible. In other words, scientists can’t predict the effects of a solution before is implemented. The fifth characteristic is “solutions require unique approaches. This means wicked problems are unique because there is no same solution for any wicked problem. Finally number six states ”urgent”. This means wicked problems need attention. Looking away from them too long can turn into permanent harm. ~PIPER LOWDER

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