Blog Post 1 – Wicked Problems

The first week of class was quite interesting and very eye-opening. Before the course began, I had thought that it would be more of “wicked problems” of the fashion industry. I was surprised to find that it’s not just about the fashion industry, but the entire world and how we are treating the environment as a whole. I did not realize how bad the environment is becoming, and I was shocked to find out all of the information in just the first week of class.

On the first day, the 11th Hour film really stuck out to me. I discovered that we have been using up our resources too quickly for the environment to handle. I also learned that humans believe that they are superior in nature, which is not always the case, since humans do not have as much physical strength and other skills like some species do in nature, but we do have one strength that makes humans stick out from the others – our brains. Humans may not see themselves as a part of nature but rather the “rulers of the earth”, which is not completely true. There are many factors that is causing our environment to decline like deforestation, polluted oceans and air, and using up natural resources too fast just to name a few.

The exhibit at the art museum was very eye opening. Before I went, I knew that the oceans were polluted, but I did not realize how bad it actually was. I applaud the artist for laying out the exhibit the way that they did because it felt much more personal and was easier to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit and would recommend it to my friends.

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