The way I would describe sustainability would be developments that meets the needs of the present without compromising the future. Being caution of the thing that can do more dame than good. In many ways it seems like it’s the change of life in others ways it’s just adjusting a couple of small things that we don’t realize have a huge effect on other things that are not visible to us at the time. I believe that sustainability has evolved. Many people are doing more for the community around them to make adjustment to the long-term effect that come from the way human chose to live their everyday life. Even though adjustment is being made every day how long does these adjust have to take places to actually make a dent in environment that is damaged.

Some may ask is this a wicked problem or a tame problem. A wicked problem is an impossible problem to solve because of changing requirements may be difficult. There is a list of characteristics of a wicked problem.   One Vague problem definitions two Variable solutions. The solutions also have no end point; solutions pose irreversible effects. lastly solutions require unique approaches that are urgent. A tame problem is one that can be solved by choosing to apply the correct solution. Sustainability in my opinion may be a wicked problem due to all the damage that is already done. during wicked problems the pest thing to do is to do as best as you can to solve the problems that are in reach and that are headed in the direction to solve the bigger problem without creating more.

Watching the 11th hour there is no question that are planet is in deep trouble and we ase humans are the one who made it this way and will be the ones who suffer the most from it. The key to survival at this point is all up to us. This is where we need to understand what it is that we are doing to change the nature around us and how do we take action to change it. Human have become selfish in everything we do. We have this conception that we don’t need the nature around us to survive. Slowly are environment has taken toll because of our actions.  There is so many humans that are using to many resources that we will soon run out. Global warming, acid rain, asthma climate change are all issues because us. Now that technology is taking off there’s only more damage to be done. Just how we are destroying where we live we are destroying where other living organism are living.  That brings us to the animals that we consume. We are die because of this and so how do humans expect other organism to survive in these conditions. We don’t realize the real life effects that are being taken place and at this point can it even be controlled.

Visiting the Museum of Arts was very interesting, there was an exhibition that displayed an interesting take on how humans are the reason why the ocean are destroyed. Everyone knows that humans are the reasons the world is polluted. This museum did an excellent job at displaying the true results and effects that are done to the ocean. The question is how are the organisms that live in this environment be effected in any way? Does the appearance of their home change? This makes me think about me being a merchandising students. What ways do appearances change the feeling of a customer? Seeing things in different ways may have a different interpretation. When you throw something away where is it going. The video that were show does an excellent job showing that we depend on our environment just as much as it depends on us. It Is up to us to keep it clean. Speaking only for myself I know that it made me understand how the side effects of throwing something out on the grown and not in a trashcan. These pictures show the true change in what pollution does.







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