Sustainability in my view point is the practice of doing things to preserve the planet such as recycling or cleaning up the oceans. Sustainability is also practiced through businesses with their use of materials and their impact on the environment. Along those lines and pertaining to our class a wicked problem is a complex problem which requires a new or different thing process to solve while a tame problem is something which contains a common way to tackle the problem and is universally agreed upon. Wicked problems contain six characteristics: They may be vague, have a variable of solutions, the solutions found may not show a clear end point, these solutions may pose irreversible effects upon the population or environment, solutions may require an untraditional approach due to societal differences or environmental impacts and in some cases it may even be extremely urgent that action is taken due to the danger of the situation. These points were thoroughly expressed through the documentary “The 11th Hour”. The issues of climate change were greatly focused on in this film as well and sustainable actions were encouraged to help reduce the atmospheric danger which we have created through pumping chemicals into the air.

To continue the path of sustainability awareness we attended an exhibit on January 17th at the OSU Museum of Art. The exhibit on show voiced the growing issue of lack of awareness to the impact which we are leaving on this earth in the current time period. It focused on the artifacts we might leave behind. These artifacts consisted of porcelain and plastic, two materials which express very different ideas. Porcelain showing the beauty and artistry which we have achieved while the plastic showed a message of decay and pollution which we have created as the inhabitants of this planet. After attending this exhibit I felt a greater sense of responsibility for the state in which our world has been left in.

It has shown me that big changes start as small as a recycling bin in my dorm room and choosing products packaged in cardboard instead of plastic. Sustainability requires action to be taken not just people talking about solutions. The conditions of our oceans, atmosphere and various land features are in peril due to the ignorance which our cultures express. Action needs to be taken to ensure that this planet survives for our future generations. I believe that sustainability should be taught at a young age and shown as the global issue which it truly is. Mindfulness needs to become a well practiced belief used in our nation, not just in the way our environment is treated but also in the way people are treated. The conditions which we have accepted should no longer be acceptable. Changes need to be made to secure a future for our species as well as the rest of earth’s inhabitants.

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