Blog #1: “Washed Up”

Everyday people go through life disposing thousands of products that could have easily been avoided. People constantly believe sustainability is linked to saving the earth. When class begun I went in thinking that sustainability was just that, but I quickly learned it is not. To sustain the earth, we must simply maintain what we already have. Americans are not mindful of what we are using every day. We go to the grocery store and get fruits and vegetables just to put them in a bag to make it more convenient for us to get home, just to take it out of the bag and throw it away. A little over 100 years ago in 1907 plastic was invented, and ever since then it has dominated in almost everything Americas have. From the bottles we drink out of to the containers out medications come in. Today plastic is ruining our waters to killing many animals. In a documentary called “The 11th Hour” they discussed how the human mind is one of the main problems we have. I completely agree with this because we do see that there is a problem and we think we are doing things to fix it, but we are truly unaware of everything we are disposing into the world. In an exhibit at the OSU Museum of Art called “Washed Up” the artist did a series of photos laid out on the floor surrounding a clear human figure full of trash. This was my favorite piece because it started out very beautiful and then slightly changed into a colorless pile of trash. I believe that this piece and the 11th Hours idea about the human mind being the problem relate a lot because at first many people did not pay attention to the amount of plastic they were using and then companies kept using it and using it because it is cheap and a good way to store things. I believe companies are into deep and don’t want to give up their huge profit on plastic and are not mindful of what they are truly doing with the plastic and chemicals. The over use of plastic is a wicked problem because right now there is no definite solution to eliminate it. There are tame problems around the world that still are affecting future generations, but there are solutions for them.  This wicked problem affects many parts of life like people, and the next generation. The future generations are going to be growing up believe that oceans are meant to be full of trash and then the human mind will be wired like that and nothing will change.

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