Blog 1 wicked problems

I was very hesitant taking this class and I was not person to believe we had all these problems in our world. Taking this course, although it has only be a few days, has really opened up my eyes, I want to help even if it is just a little bit. I am excited to see what else this class as to show me as well as learning how we can help.

 Sustainability to me is meeting the current needs without disrupting the future. It has evolved throughout the years because people used to think sustainability is just meeting the needs at the moment, to maintain something at a certain rate. A wicked problem is an impossible task to solve because of unfinished and changing complications that are problematic. It is extremely complex, irreversible, unique, vague and difficult to solve. They are very urgent and must try to be fixed as soon as possible. There is not a solutions for all so the solutions will not work if it just works for a few, every environment is different whether it being political, cultural or economical. The end of the wicked problem is never actually there because the if there is a solution it is only temporary or a new problem will arise due to the solution. All of what I said is a characteristic of a wicked problem. A tamed problem is a stable problem where it can be solved. An example of a tamed problem is medical vaccines, it was an issue years ago but now due to modern medicine people do not suffer from diseases or sever illnesses as much.

The “11th hour” was an interesting film that was one of the reasons I opened up to this class. It conveyed major problems in this world. The biggest issue in the film is with using fuels and chemicals that go in the atmosphere and cause climate change. Climate change affects everyone, melts the polar ice caps and later on will change the temperature where it could be too hot for us to stand. The OSU Museum of art showed me how we’re killing the aquatic life but they also showed how it could be a home for them as well. The artist made trash to look natural because of how much we polluting. It almost is natural for us to do that now. I saw that we are killing the vibrant colors of the ocean and how having stuff everywhere like trash is a common look.

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