My Introduction To Sustainability

I had no idea what sustainability was until I helped with the Game Day recycling put on by the SGA Sustainability committee. We recycled thousands of cans and glass bottles that night, and this experienced is what really opened my eyes to sustainability and recycling. I will never forget the feeling of being so proud of myself and the other students that helped after the trailer of aluminum cans was hauled away to be recycled.

I had no idea that my Wicked Problems class was going to be about sustainability, but I was pleasantly surprised. Ever since helping recycle aluminum cans and glass bottles I found myself more watching the amount of trash that I produce. In the documentary ‘11th hour’ numerous celebrities and scientists described the affects that humans were having on the earth. It spoke of how people just disconnect themselves to the issues of global warming, deforestation, the melting of artic ice sheets and many other things. I could relate to that, because I didn’t think that helping the earth was my job. The documentary opened my eyes to share with others a new found passion for sustainability and doing my part to help the environment.

Attending the OSU Museum of Art was an incredible experience. I have never been particularly artistic, but I have always appreciated art. I especially appreciated the ‘Washed Up’ exhibit. The exhibit included many beautiful figurines made of ceramic and household objects such as: a phone charger, a bottle and blister packs.  The exhibit also did an incredible job of showing how the ocean was before and after plastic. The floor piece went from beautiful and bright colors, then as it wrapped around the woman’s silhouette it became darker and dirtier with the trash and debris from the water. This exhibit made me incredibly aware of the affects that humans have on the ocean, and it inspired me to help make a change.

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