I can make a difference.

I was very excited about getting to go on another field trip last Tuesday because, the one on 1/17 at the OSU museum was so interesting to me. Going into the field trip I didn’t know much about any of the centers we were going to tour, so I went in open minded. I am actually glad I went in open minded because I feel like I learned so much in just the hour and forty five minutes we were touring. A lot of the information we learned at the sustainability office shocked me. It made me realize I only know little about sustainability, but I learned a lot while I was there. What stood out to me the most was the meaning of sustainability, which is, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. I kept this in mind throughout our whole tour and, like I mentioned, it stood out to me and connected to everything we learned. Since I am an interior design major the upholstery shop was very fun to tour. I thought it was so interesting how long older and well made furniture can last. Although, how cheap and flimsy this furniture is made now made me kind of upset. I love anything antique or old! Finally, the recycling center. When we were informed we were going to be touring there I had no idea what to expect. When we walked in I didn’t appreciate it as much as I did when I walked out after the lesson. I learned a lot from that and i’m glad I got to see and experience something like that because not many people do. I will definitely start sorting and recycling much more often.

In class Thursday I learned intergenerational responsibility depends on the decisions I make now for the world to have a better and brighter future. To put in my part I will start recycling more, throwing away trash I see outside, and turning off unnecessary lights when I leave the room. Even if others don’t try to make a change I believe it starts with one person at a time. In our reading “Lessons of Easter Island” the people of Easter Island used up all their resources too fast and lost all of their vegetation, resources, and land and it became no longer livable. If our world keeps living like we do and using way too much of everything and polluting our oceans we might end up like Easter Island.

For my activity two wicked problem I will be talking about wasting extra and scrap wood, especially old cabinets. Whether it’s new construction or a renovation there is always going to be extra wood scraps. Although, some companies are very good about utilizing all of their extra scraps, some aren’t. In a renovation most people demolish all of the old kitchen and bathroom cabinets because they are out of date”. I know from research there are places you can take your old wood scraps, like cabinets, and they will recover and salvage them so they can be used again in the future. There is no need to waste wood when in this day and age there are so many resources to help you out with salvaging. Even taking it to a woodworking shop could potentially save some of our wood!

I also learned what a paradigm is this week in class. What I got out of it is that a paradigm is when humans use natural resources the wrong way or for the wrong benefits. They use our resources as income instead of beneficial purposes. Lasly, I really liked the wildest thing worksheet we did at the end of class Thursday. I thought it was a good brain workout and I liked how we got to see how our classmates responded to these problems. I think hearing other opinions is always a good thing

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