Blog #2

Oklahoma State University is doing amazing things to create a more sustainable environment for everyone on campus and for the city of Stillwater. Recently on a tour to the sustainability I realized some new features about OSU. Who would have thought that we actually had windmills that powered some of the campus? I defiantly did not know that, and I believe a lot of students didn’t because they aren’t near campus at all. Another way OSU is working on sustainability is the upholstery shop that takes a lot of old furniture and makes it new. This is very helpful in saving money for campus but also it helps with furniture waste. Furniture waste is a very large problem in America and reupholstering them is an easy way to eliminate it. The recycling center was surprisingly empty which was kind of sad especially knowing and seeing all the paper and recyclable items there are on campus.  I have recycled for years and it kills me to know that it’s so easy and some people just dismiss it and throw it away. Yes, the recycling center is doing everything it can to get recycling out there more and in everyone face, but it’s hard to change some people who don’t see the benefit.

Easter Island is somewhere that many people have learned about, but after reading the article about it, I saw it in perspective of a smaller America. A lot of problems that the island are problems that America is having. Overpopulation is a huge problem and I honestly believe there is no stopping it. So. If we can’t stop it we have to brace for impact and try to sustain the environment and out resources.  Some people believe and feel we have an unlimited amount of everything but that is not the case at all. One day, if we keep the same ways going, we will run out of resources. We need to prepare for future generations and figure out ways to be mindful and sustain our environment. Energy efficiency is something Americans need to work on, because it is causing climate change. In my investigative report I will be finding ways for interior designers to help with the CO2 emissions.

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