Blog 2

Oklahoma State University is one of the most sustainability campuses in the Nation. It is amazing how mindful we are about the future and everyone else’s well-being. This week, the class took a trip to the OSU sustainability office, Upholstery shop and Recycling center and learned to be mindful and aware what we are wasting or how we recycle or if we even recycle. I thought that going throw and seeing what they did to the recycle what really interesting. The paper and cardboard are sent to places to be used in different ways over and over again. If everyone would recycle then the landfills would not be a filled as they are now, everyone could be used again.

Easter Island reading was interesting too because it conveys what the future may be like when we keep using the materials extremely quickly. The reading talked about deforestation and how the materials there are being used too fast for the amount of people there are. We are over populated and use materials too fast, as well as, waste half of it. We are taking down trees faster than putting them back, like the reading talked about how the trees were cut down for them to be able to move the giant rocks.

My Activity 2 will be over construction waste and the effects it has on the environment. Construction waste is a big issue especially when most things can be recycled but the easiest/ fastest way to do it, is by throwing it all away. We tear down houses like it is nothing and just throw it away while people in other countries do not have the resources for it.

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