sustainability bog 2

As visiting the sustainability office, I found it very informative. I didn’t realize that Oklahoma State University did so much around campus to be more sustainable.  This program focuses on the Three pillars that are people, plant, profit. The thing that I found it very interesting how the University takes broken tree branches, horse manure and reproduces it into fertilizer. This is just one of the examples of their way of reusing products s that will eventually be thrown out. Meanwhile our university finds way to save the things that are considered trash and reuses it for other thing or makes a profit off it.  Before visiting the sustainability office, I assumed that the university did basic recycling such as paper and sorting plastics. I was uniformed that our school is going above and beyond to make this campus as Green as possible

Easter land is a vision of what our planet will look live if continue to overuse. With all the studies that are proven that as humans we cannot continue to live so recklessly by overconsuming our products that are barely available. I feel as though many drastic changes would take place but has yet to. In Easter land eventually they had run out of their forest and their way of living changed drastically trying to survive. I can think Oil in particular that the world does not conserve and overuse eventually it will run out and just like Easter land changes will have to occur.

I believe that we as humans are headed to a time that we are not prepared for a drastic wicked problem that will have no rational solution. As human we are selfish being and we do not consider ourselves a part of this world. I do not believe that we just as much like creatures looking for the planet to be our habitat but yet we are the ones who are destroying it. In the future I believe that things will only get worse before action will take place to try to make corrections to the we live our lives all together. Until then us humans will continue destroying the world we live in.  That is why I am doing my activity 2 over fast fashion. Fast fashion is the perfect examples of overconsumption when it comes the fashion world.


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