Wicked Probs Blog 2

The class’s visit to the sustainability office was a cool experience and very informative. I was not aware of the major contributions that Oklahoma State makes when it comes to sustainability. Learning that Oklahoma State is one of the most sustainable college campuses in the United States gives me a feeling of pride and joy. While on this trip, getting to see the upholstery shop and the recycling center was a good, up close and personal view of the work that goes into reusing old products and making sure that everything can get as many uses as possible.

The Easter Island was also cool to me. I can connect many similarities between that story and the modern world. Deforestation is a huge issue and I do not think it is slowing down any. At this point though, I feel that we are already too far gone. Continuing to expand land to be developed for human beings is continuing to mess up habitats and homes for many creatures, and I fear at some point if the creatures aren’t able to adapt, we will lose many precious animals to extinction.

The narrative I am exploring for Activity 2 is the affect of fast fashion on the industry as a whole and on the environment. I was never made to think about the cause and effect of mass production on society until I was in this class. As a fast fashion consumer, I want to know just how bad, or possibly good, fast fashion is.

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