Yes I Did Buy a Metal Straw

I have found that my paradigm about the environment has entirely changed in a few short weeks. There has been a series of events that has happened to be, that has changed me for the better. I visited the OSU sustainability office, and I was blown away. I learned that people, profit, and planet are the three pillars of sustainability. The woman that gave the presentation was incredible and was very well informed. She even said something that took me by surprise. She said “sustainability is not about saving the planet”. I was beyond confused. I thought that entire purpose of sustainability was to save the Earth, but she explained that sustainability is about meeting needs today and for the future. I now understand that even though I alone cannot save the planet, I can help to sustain it for the future generation.

Ever since my first day of my Wicked Problems class I have been really into recycling. I put all my cardboard boxes, papers and bottles into the correct bins and it has made me feel like a great human. I never have recycled until a few weeks ago, and now I do it every day. And this is why I was so excited to visit the OSU Recycling center. It was incredible to see the objects that I put into the recycling bins everyday actually being recycled. This inspired me to keep recycling and to encourage others to do the same. I believe that encouraging others to be mindful about their waste is the only way that we can truly live sustainable lives. We do not want to end up like the people on Easter Island and use all of our resources until the point when we have nothing left and we die. If we keep using plastic, cutting down trees and not recycling, we too will eventually use all of our resources and die.

 Something that I have found a passion for learning about is Fast Fashion. Fast Fashion is trendy clothing that is mass produced. Most of the clothing is not well made and will end up in a landfill in a few months. I want to learn more about the problem, and see what I can do to help solve it. I have been speaking with my classmates, and they agree that this is an issue that needs resolved. My classmates and I have also discussed banning the use of straws, and making more items out of bamboo. I have already made a change in my life and I got myself a metal straw. A month ago you never could have told me that I would be drinking out of a metal straw and liking it. But here I am drinking out of a metal straw and loving it.

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