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I found the recycling center and upholstery shop quite interesting. I think that it is a great thing that Oklahoma State has these services so that the entire campus can be more sustainable. I applaud the workers at the recycling center, because they put in a lot of hard work separating all of the recycled materials. I had no idea that the school could get so much money off of the recycled materials, and that the money that they receive depends on what type of material that they have, such as cardboard or paper. It was also interesting to find out that white paper is more valuable than colored paper. The upholstery shop is also a great way to make the campus more sustainable. Instead of throwing out broken furniture, there are people who will fix it and make it look new and able to use again. By doing that, it helps economically as well as environmentally since there isn’t waste from throwing out broken or damaged furniture.

The Easter Island article showed what could possibly happen to our environment if we keep up with these habits of pollution and using up resources too fast. If we slow down the use of natural and nonrenewable resources, as well as finding sustainable alternatives to many different parts of our lives, then we can easily avoid becoming like the people on Easter Island.

I am curious to explore more into my chosen topic for my investigative report, which is the fashion industry dumping dyes into the oceans and rivers. This has become a big problem and affects the environment drastically. Ocean life already has been effected by other forms of pollution like plastics and trash.

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