Attending the class Wicked Problem Solving is the most eye opening class I have ever been a part of thus far. The conversation in class was shifted in a new direction this past week, mindfulness. This is an angle that hasn’t been pursued often in the pursuit to end environmental destruction. The idea of mindfulness is that it starts with every individual. Not being able to make a large change until you are mindful of the contributions you as an individual bring to the table. Personally this idea of mindfulness has kept me more aware and connected to my own habits and how to improve them. Rather that be reducing electric waste, plastic waste, water waste, or even being sure I’m in a better mental state. Being more aware of your own actions and being mindful of the future and the current conditions of the world and the waste that takes place on a daily basis is a very aware, and powerful position to be in. When we all reach that state the we are all in a more mindful and better place.

The expression on mindfulness that Marc Cohen touched on were incredibly powerful. We tend to get so caught up on trying to “fix” the issue right away by doing big things and then getting lost in the cause and forgetting what it was all for. Marc brings our focus back on us and brings awareness to mindfulness. Marc is an advocate for meditation and being one with the universe to find your place within it. This is a thought and or idea that I myself had not thought of. Being one with the universe is so strong and helpful when one takes a step back to understand it. Marc helps do just that, by leading people in meditation and mindful thoughts to find a better you that will ultimately differ the outcome of the planet. The idea of being mindful of your actions and understanding them are some powerful ones, ones that can help you change your daily habits and ultimately change the outcome of the environment we live in. Bing mindful of your actions can be hard since we run on auto pilot so often and make decisions without even thinking about them.

I myself found there to be a found issue with the homeless crisis in the world. This crisis is a worldwide issue that cannot be overcome in a day and that won’t simply fix itself. Through more research it has come very clear to me that architects alone will not be able to find a solution to this crisis. It will have to be through the acts of the local cities and inhabitants, along with architects to create a new and innovative way to reduce the homeless population. An architects hand in the mix is small but it is a necessary one when it comes to the big picture. Affordable and inhabitable homes are needed for shelter for these individuals who suffer. This can be accomplished through cheaper and durable materials for building, we well as a push in the real estate industry for more affordable complexes and less luxury apartments just bought for investments.

The poverty reading, we completed was a good perspective that I had not had yet. The thought of the article was that the poor are to blame for the environmental harm done to our planet. The author brought thoughts froth that the wealthier could help the poor to reduce the need to demolish the earth through highly environmental invasive jobs that the poor have to turn to for money. The government also plays a large role in this issue with the lack of policies in place to prohibit the jobs and to offer a helping hand to the less fortunate. People need to have a better understanding of the situation so more help can come from the public.

In the Ted talk about paper or plastic, Leyla brings up several topics that get your mind going. IN her talk Leyla touches on the topic of Paper over Plastic and how that can actually be double negative. You aren’t only taking away from the planet when you are making paper but you are also putting the paper back in a landfill where it cannot biodegrade. Leyla is also highly interesting and involved in design solutions for our sustainable issues. Leyla is very passionate about the design of the refrigerator. With time the refrigerator has grown tremendously, thus creating more space for more food. Food that we dint eat that over time goes to waste. The refrigerator contributes to food waste every single day. People buy more than they can eat and store it in a large fridge they don’t need. Leyla offers several design solutions and acts very strongly on the idea of less food waste.

The love of life or a system that is alive is known as biophilia. This idea is shown through the understanding and the love of natural things. Architecture can always display this in a positive manner by working off the exterior surroundings and using natural and durable materials that can bring more awareness and sustainability to the environment. Using designs like this can ultimately contribute to healthier living and better ways of life for humans and the environment.

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