Mind, Body, and Earth

Health is a key aspect of all people’s life. If you aren’t well you can’t meet your daily needs and wants. I have always thought being healthy is key, in only a traditional sense. The idea that we just need basic health to live. Marc Cohen’s TED talk pushed me to think past my basic health and move towards overall well-being. We must be healthy and happy in order for mindfulness to be apparent. We can’t be aware if we are unwell or unhappy. I want to take more time for myself and my mental health. I would like to incorporate five to twenty minutes of yoga or meditation into my daily life. No matter how short, I feel this small amount of mental health time will allow me to be more reflective, relaxed, productive, and calm throughout my day.

            In order to look at our sustainability as a big picture we have to look past ourselves, which is obtainable with a healthy and happy life, and look at the world in terms of all of mankind past, present, and future. It can be hard to be mindful. It is easy to get caught up in our own problems. I know I catch myself feeling so caught up in my own life, but everyone is going through things, big and small. We must push past these ups and downs of life and be mindful that we can and must keep going all while thinking about a better future. The ‘Mindfulness and Sustainability’ reading touches upon establishing values. I think we must value now and the future because even though the now seems normal our normal maybe destroyed by unmindful practices in the future. Once, we value the future of all of mankind and all the lives with us on Earth we can work towards sustainability and improved lives.

            It’s not hard to see things around our world are struggling, dying, going extinct, and various other issues that we can prevent or lessen now and later. Poverty is a major problem in our world today. To think that people thrust sustainability problems on the poor is hard to swallow. People living in poverty are just doing whatever it takes to continue on. How do we expect people fighting to live to the next day to improve our impact on Earth? I think it must start with the government and those that have the influence and power to develop and push for change with education and research. Then, sustainable practices can be incorporated into the masses and lastly passed to all people. If governance pushes for improved practice within our sustainability and lifestyles people will follow because they have no choice until it becomes second nature. Change must be pushed until it becomes the norm. In my opinion, that is what happens in history. People may resist at first, but as long as the government doesn’t fold or back down people will adapt and understand it is what must be done for the greater good of mankind and Earth. Furthermore, I think the government must start researching and educating people on the facts. If people had more awareness and education on our wicked problems of the world they will gain compassion and empathy which is key to helping others and our impact on Earth.

            I think it is key to educate more people on our problems and share more narratives of our problems because once you hear and see about our harmful practices you can’t help, but have empathy and compassion. This develops biophilia. Human nature can become mindful of our dependency on various living systems and love them for all of their power and beauty. This creates desire and support for helping our world and all living systems that are a part of our world. We must be aware of the hard hitting facts of our future or our lives will never be the same if we don’t protect all life on Earth. I know that by going into the fashion industry we have many issues that need to be resolved or our industry won’t last. The fashion industry has a major wicked problem in waste, but all hope isn’t lost. We are and can continue to change and be better. I have learned various companies are working to prevent waste, reworking garments, recycling, investing in more sustainable fabrics, focusing on eco designing, and other sustainable practices. TED’s ten is a basis for change that the fashion industry and all industries should strive to obtain. Ted’s ten is designing for our present and future. Leyla’s Ted talk is about products changing behavior. This idea that makes sense and could have various benefits for humans and Earth. Within the fashion industry, designing garments to improve human behavior could perhaps create more efficient, healthier, happier, and sustainable people. You never know what we can develop. We must push our self as a generation to design for the betterment of people and Earth. Design can change lives and the products Leyla discusses is proof. I love that something as basic as the tea kettle can change behavior and prevent power waste. If we adapt this type of design to all products of our lives we could create a new system of living that allows for mankind’s and Earths growth.

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