Mindfulness is the practice of distancing yourself from the issues which concern you and allowing yourself to live in the moment and appreciate it. I believe that through practicing mindfulness you are creating a mindset which brings peace to yourself as well as a kind and understanding conscience of the world around of and of problems which might not directly concern you. Through Marc Cohen’s TED talk we discovered how when you are engaging in mindful behavior you have a broader view of the world and how it is treated as well as your impact on its wellbeing. Through our out of class reading we discovered the effect of mindfulness on empathy and sustainability. We read about how mindful activity needs to be used to address the issue of poverty to better help and understand the issues which the lower classes face. The article went on to express how through being mindful of our ecosystems we will help others who struggle with getting a meal on their table. While exploring mindfulness I also looked into the mindfulness of the brands which we buy from, specifically those who produce clothing. I learned of the practice of destroying unused or returned products. One company is making it their mission to end this practice in favor of sustainable practices which reduce waste within the fashion industry. Speaking of reducing waste through this course we discovered a TED talk by one miss Leyla Acaroglu who encouraged people to change the design of practices or products themselves to create a more sustainable design as well as sustainable practices by the consumer. One such product being the British tea kettle which, due to the power being generated for the excess use of this product, has caused extreme power issues and outages in England. The idea was to change the product to change the behavior which has , so far, worked extremely well. To further inform this consumer minded approach to sustain ability we must look at the way we design our products as well as the way we present them. Creating a tidal wave of sustainability through merchandising and consumer behaviors.

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