Blog #3

Mindfulness is very important. And it is not that hard to be mindful. For me, it is something that you just have to remind yourself to do. Once you do it enough, it’s like a newly formed habit. If more people could start being mindful and more conscience about the role that they play in the amount of waste and pollution in the United States, then there could be a significant change made.

Marc Cohen had one of my favorite TED talks of the semester thus far. It inspired me to want to do better. I had already taken small steps for self change, but that made me want to go further. In terms of Activity 2, I am learning a lot. Since I am talking about waste in fashion, one of the biggest contributors to the waste is fast fashion. I am learning that there are things that can be done to help prevent issues before they get too bad. I, however, see the consumer side of it as well because I am a huge consumer of fast fashion. As a consumer, I understand that the convenience of being able to get trendy fashions cheap and efficiently. But is it worth it in the end? Only time will tell.

I thought the poverty reading was also interesting. Some things stuck out to me because I am aware of factors such as environmental racism. The fact that poverty stricken areas and developing countries are the ones who deal with some of the harshest environmental conditions does not surprise me. It is easy for billion dollar companies and corporations to enable these activities to continue, because as far as business is concerned, money is more important the the state of the earth.

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